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YISENNI Wall Finish
YISENNI Wall Finish is a new interior wall decoration, which made from wood fiber, cotton fiber, paper pulp, etc.
Compared with traditional wall paint, YISENNI Wall Finish made from cotton fiber, wood fiber, paper pulp, etc has many good points.
It is one of the most environmentally friendly products in 21st century. It will not product pollution both in the process of construction or later living.
It is easily construction. Just add water to raw material and mix thoroughly, 1-2 hours later, use the special tool to uniformly apply the mixture to the wall.
It can DIY. YISENNI Wall Finish is easy to construction, so we can renovation by ourselves and even paints many different patterns. How fun it is!

Applications:parlor, bedroom, study, corridor, hotel rooms, KTV rooms
Packaging:650g 700g 1000g

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